Unique, practical design

During the design and development stages of production we tried several different circle diameters.

The 40 mm ring proved to be the optimum size; It sits snugly around the top of the bottle neck whilst also allowing the BottleCloth to pass over the top of an unopened champagne bottle.

The use of high-quality, hard-wearing thread to seal the edges not only looks great but also gives these BottleCloths a truly practical advantage over metal discs and premium loops; They can go through a mangle / wringer as part of the industrial laundry process that many hotels, restaurants and bars use.

We stitch with matching coloured thread as standard. However, it is possible for us to stitch both the circle and the hems of the BottleCloths with a different colour as part of a bespoke order. For example; we could adorn navy fabric with silver thread or white fabric with gold thread... the combinations are endless.

  • Black / Black

  • White / White

  • Thread Ring For Navy Catering BottleCloth For Ice Buckets

    Navy / Navy

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