Our Story

Back in the winter of 2013, I was enjoying a ‘first-date’ with a friend at the restaurant in Malmaison Hotel, Leeds, England.

Four unforgettable things happened that evening…

  • As the waiter poured champagne he dripped water all over my dress;
  • One of us commented “they should dry the bottle after they lift it from the ice bucket”;
  • We learnt that lobster makes Nick violently ill;
  • I had met my future husband.

We still argue over who’s idea it was, but by the the time the cheese board arrived, the businessman opposite me had sketched the world’s first ‘bottle cloth’ and was banging on about what an amazing commercial opportunity it presented.

A decade later we were celebrating a birthday at home. Nick served wine from a cooler and you guessed it… water all over the table. Again. It was enough to drive any committed wine drinker crazy! So, that was it. I already knew how to solve this problem and I was going to start my first business.

During 2023 we spent six months researching, designing, planning and protecting our idea. We set up an office, workshop and website. We travelled the world learning about fabrics, looms, stitching, metals, laundry, chemicals and more. We spoke to sommeliers, hoteliers, restaurateurs and landlords. We visited suppliers, engineers, factories, retailers and of course, the odd winery along the way.

In January 2024, with some help from family and friends, we officially launched BottleCloths with our first three collections; Catering, Classic and Original.

We invented the BottleCloth so you can elegantly serve wine, champagne or water, drip-free, from ice buckets and wine coolers.

Put simply, our mission is to STOP THE DROPS!

Kelly x

Start-up Scrapbook

Nick Bradley’s Bottle Cloth Sketch December 2013
  • She’s in Milan!


    June 23: First trip to supplier factory in Italy

  • Wine Cooler Bottle Cloth test Navy / White

    Handmade Prototype

    May 23: Dark blue BotteCloth for wine coolers featuring a centred, plain white metal disc. Used for various absorbency tests.

  • First complete Polka Design for Wine Coolers

    Early Prototype

    July 23: Pink 'Polka' cotton BottleCloth with a centred, plain nickel metal disc. Used for various daily laundry tests and (occasional) wine testing sessions.

  • Nick’s idea for how a bottlecloth works with a wine cooler - world first!

    The 54!

    Aug 23: Nick’s subtle explanation of why there needs to be two sizes of BottleCloths. Something to do with ‘vertical axis’. It’s why the 54cm version has the ring in the center.

  • Kelly’s Travel Size Idea For Aeroplanes!

    BottleCloth Mini

    June 23: My idea! Essential for travellers and might just make a great promotional item too if anyone from British Airways First Class team is reading this!

  • Kelly and Nick off to Europe

    Summer 23: Business Trip

    Off with Nick again to research 'Jacquard' looms and other such things.

  • Rejected Turkish Prototypes 4

    Early Sample 1

    May 23: Production tests in Turkey with hand sewn elements. We discounted this route but learnt a lot from the experience.

  • Rejected Turkish Prototypes 3

    Early Sample 2

    May 23: Another production test in Turkey.

  • Rejected Turkish Prototypes 2

    Weave tests in Turkey

    May 23: First attempt at printed versions in Turkey. Discounted due to low quality and durability concerns.

  • Rejected Turkish Prototypes


    June 23: Just awful. What were we thinking?

  • BottleCloths trip to Milan


    June 23: Busy planning a future collection in Italy. Is that a spa behind me? Back soon...

  • Preparing BottleCloths first office

    Workshop Prep

    July 23: Clearing out spare rooms ready for equipment installations.

  • Kelly’s Dad Helping Set Up BottleCloths Office

    Meet My Dad!

    July 23: “Hey dad, we need that old desk out of your garage”. He’s amazing and has helped with allsorts!

  • First look at laser cut holes

    Laser Technology!

    Aug 23: At last, we’ve found a technique that cuts the cotton in a perfect circle in exactly the right place... Lasers!

  • Testing various widget heights

    Widget & Grommits 1

    June 23: We tested 30 different types before settling on the british brass option. It doesn't rust and we can do all kinds of cool stuff with it in the future.

  • Testing various grip and locks mechanisms

    Widget & Grommits 2

    June 23: More testing. Too shallow and the thin fabrics don't hold. Too deep and you damage the edges.

  • Working our fabric shrinkage

    Grip Tests

    July 23: This was important because different fabrics shrink different amounts at different temperatures so we had to get the 'flex' just right.

  • Designing Jacquard Patterns for BottleCloths

    Weave Rotation

    Aug 23: This is the sophisticated way Nick explained a particular weave rotation in Italian. Impressive stuff. To his credit it worked!

  • Choosing Label Materials

    Label Design

    Sept 23: You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get the labels right and compliant with different markets and sales channels worldwide.

  • Sample mini-disc Ideas for later use.

    Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains The Same

    Aug 23: Where would we be without Coco Chanel? This is where Nick got the idea for our Premium Loop.

  • Sample Packaging Ideas - Rejected

    Packaging Tests

    Aug 23: We tried loads of different folds and sleaves. Eventually we figured out how to do it so the loop remained central no matter the size of the cloth.

  • Luxury BottleCloths Fabrics Form Italy

    Luxury Samples

    Sept 23: Nobody does luxury better than the Italians. This Jacquard weave is absolutely beautiful. We hope to have this into production next year.

  • Testing Bottle Cloth Fabrics for Catering Collection

    First Catering BottleCloth!

    Oct 23: Our production partners in Portugal sent us the first Catering BottleCloth “hot off the press“. It’s a 42cm black polycotton and we love it!

  • Hot of the press! BottleCloth tags @ 30mm

    First Labels!

    Oct 23: These were the first labels we produced in the UK. You can see it’s for a 54 because the ring is in the center of the logo. When sewn into the hem they measure 30mm². We are thinking of increasing this to 40mm² next time.

  • First sight of Bottle Cloth tags

    There You Go...

    Nov 23: Proving to Amazon the product exists. Now can you grant us global distribution please?

  • First Black Catering BottleCloth off the production line

    It works! Top up Sir?

    Nov 23: We tested this one to death and it still looks brand new. The Catering Collection is all about the hotels, restaurants and bars that launder their tablewear daily.

  • Test discs from china - Rejected!

    Chinese Rejects

    June 23: See what happens when you can’t speak the language on Alibaba. Disaster. We wasted two weeks speaking to a pet products manufacturer. Filed under garbage.

  • BottleCloths First Board Meeting Photo

    Family Planning Meeting

    Summer 23: Believe it or not this is an official board meeting with our American partners in crime. Look... no BottleCloths and water all over the shop.

  • First photo test with hand made navy Bottle Cloth and a Nickel Metal Disc


    Aug 23: Navy prototype with satin nickel corner ring. Styled with champagne and a rather lovely ice bucket. I can confirm it worked perfectly and all my surfaces remained dry :)

  • First look at Fancy Metal Disc Designs

    Gold Swirl

    Sept 23: This is the first example of a fancy metal disc finish. We’re calling it golden swirl. There are about a dozen more being tested.

  • Hand Assembly Of Bottle Cloth Prototypes

    Hand Assembly

    Most of 23: For the actual production we are using pneumatic machinery but to get things going we invested in a hand punch and die. The results were suprisingly good.

  • The inventor of the Bottle Cloth was Nick Bradley

    How It All Started

    Winter 13: This is the reverse of Nick’s napkin scribble. You can see the front at the top of this page. ‘No Drips Allowed’ and ‘Drink Without Drips’ still makes me laugh. It’s 10 years old and looks like it was drawn by a 10 year old :)

  • BottleCloths · Start-up Scrapbook · First T-Shirt Test

    T-Shirt Tests

    June 23: To work out the optimal size for the different BottleCloths I cut up a bunch of old t-shirts. This photo shows the final choice for ice buckets... 42mm was just perfect.

  • BottleCloths · Start-up Scrapbook · Italian Distribution

    Production In Italy

    Summer 23: Ben kindly showing us around the production facilities in Milan. The scale of things here is incredible just like the weather!

  • BottleCloths · Start-up Scrapbook · Jacquard Looms Milan

    Jacquard Looms

    Summer 23: Our first look at the Jacquard machines that will be producing some of the high-end and luxury BottleCloth collections in 2024.

  • BottleCloths · Start-up Scrapbook · Factory Milano

    Ta Dah!

    June 23: Amazing to see how the fabrics are finished. They go from this sheet format into the sewing rooms for stitching and labels.

  • BottleCloths · Start-up Scrapbook · Premium Loop Cad Designs

    Premium Loop Design

    Sept 23: Nick was working on a way to get a heavier two sided loop to symmetrically puncture then permanantly grip a thin material. No such product currently exists.

  • BottleCloths · Start-up Scrapbook · Premium Loop Tests On Fabric

    Premium Loop Prototypes 1

    Nov 23: First examples of how our Premium Loops might look. They 'clack' together but can’t be 'un-clacked' a bit like a fish-hook! We’re loving this and can imagine how fabulous it will be on a luxury BottleCloth.

  • BottleCloths · Start-up Scrapbook · Premium Loop Prototype

    Premium Loop Prototypes 2

    Nov 23: They work! We put this one through it’s paces with washing cycles and stress tests. Bingo! Sits flat, can’t be removed and makes the perfect 'tink' as you pop onto your glass bottles!

  • BottleCloths · Start-up Scrapbook · T-Shirt Test

    Customisation Tests

    June 23: First attempts at working out which customisation options worked. We were experimenting with DTG printing areas, embroidery and more recently laser technology.

  • BottleCloths · Start-up Scrapbook · First Competition Winner

    Just For Fun

    Oct 23: We gave away a BottleCloth at my Momma’s annual coffee and cake event to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support.

  • BottleCloths · Start-up Scrapbook · Warehouse In Italy

    Storage Facility

    August 23: Visiting storage and distribution facilities.

  • Bottle Cloth Samples

    Optimum Stack

    Dec 23: Planning out the optimum packaging stacks to fit our promosed box quantities. We decided on 1. 10, 20, 50, 100 & 250 allowing for any order quantity.

  • Bottle Cloths measurments

    Packaging tests

    Dec 23: Initially we were convinced 'poly bags' and padded envelopes was the best option. It was certainly the cheapest. In the end we decided to spend more and jump straight to high quality zip bags.

  • Bottle Cloths Pack of 10 Amazon

    Zip Bag Evaluation

    Dec 23: To kick off we settled on a clear, heavy-duty, reusable, off-the shelf zip bag. Going forward we will look to create our own custom and perfect-fit packs for each collection. We hear Indonesia is nice this time of year :)

  • BottleCloth for Wine Cooler prototype

    Second Catering BottleCloth!

    Dec 23: This is the second Catering BottleCloth produced and the first 54cm black polycotton featuring a center laser-cut hole with a stitched thread circle. Perfect for wine coolers.

  • Bottle Cloths First Delivery

    First Delivery

    Dec 23: Today we’re celebrating our first delivery of finished BottleCloths! They are the Catering Collection 42" versions in white, black and navy. It was a three day door-to-door delivery from Portugal to England.

  • Bottle Cloths First Delivery

    250 / Box

    Dec 23: Did somebody just order 500 BottleCloths? Wait, no.…That's Nick helping the driver bring the first delivery into the house :)

Testing the first Catering Collection BottleCloth · Christmas 2023