New… BottleCloths Wedding Packages Launched Today

New… BottleCloths Wedding Packages Launched Today

Saturday 16th March 2024:

We are thrilled to announce the launch of another world first; Today BottleCloths Ltd launched the Wedding BottleCloth in a customisable format.

It’s the perfect finishing touch for any couples’ special day. They are also ideal for wedding venues and organisers everywhere.

Not only do they compliment incredible table settings, or bar arrangements, but they also have a very practical use too. Nobody wants ice-cold water dripping over their beautiful outfit moments before the toast to the bride and groom!

Customers can personalise them to their exact requirements by choosing from 3 fabulous packages, up to 5 fabric colours, 3 stitched thread circles or 12 metal rings. Finally, they can make them theirs forever with the highest quality embroidery.

The launch also see the debut of the first 12 stunning metal rings which are forged from brass and yes, you guessed it... are rust-free. Each one is electroplated then finished by hand.

It is also the first outing for our new 100% cotton cloths and two new exciting colours; Platinum and Gold.

Wedding BottleCloths are hand assembled and personalised in Great Britain before shipping worldwide. We are using the very finest quality embroidery and currently have up to 16 fonts for you to choose from.

Wedding BottleCloths are available exclusively from





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